Stories from the Elevator Project

Check out the work thus far. We've been matching community ideas with community investment. Have an idea that will make Guelph Great? Want to make a difference in your community, but don't know where to start? Contact us!

Bringing Great Ideas to Life

23 January

Every one of us an investor. Striving towards our goals is sweat equity in our future, and every goal we achieve broadens the impact we can potentially create for ourselves and in our community. Investing in worthwhile ventures has long been a key for creating community impact.

Whether you’re buying lemonade from that plucky second-grader at the end of the block, giving your neighbour’s teenage daughter some volunteer hours at your firm, or employing that start-up social enterprise you read about in collaborate magazine, you’re investing in the most worthwhile venture of the new economy: talent. Or more properly, people with talent. This is because, like us,  you’ve come to understand the value of expertise, which develops when talent is given the resources, time and opportunity they need to succeed. At the Elevator Project, we know that a community of talented and enterprising ideamakers is the surest possible bet for a prosperous future. That’s why we’re invested in bringing their great ideas alive – creating a culture of community building –  and we want you to help make that happen.

It’s time for us to solve social problems differently – to innovate from the grassroots, up. And we’re already seeing how the seeds planted during last year’s round one of the Elevator Project have borne fruit:

Ed Video – Microtiles

After moving their headquarters out of the downtown care, Ed Video needed a way to maintain their exposure and presence in the heart of the city. Enter Microtiles. Finally a technology that could be used to showcase video anywhere at any time of day. Ed Video was able to use funding received through the Elevator Project as leverage to gain further Ontario Trillium Foundation funding to get their project rolling. You can see the technology in action at the MacDonald-Stewart Art Centre and at their new location at Studio 404 on York road.

Help plant the seeds for the next round of community growth. There are so many ways to contribute and every bit makes a difference. Together, as a community, we have the potential to make Guelph a better place to live, work and play. Help bring great ideas alive.

Everyone has something to give in making a strong community. Contribute your ideas, time, elbow grease, and investment in making Guelph a better place to live, work and play. The Elevator Project – Guelph is on the rise! Stay connected with us through Twitter and Facebook