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Community Elevation 101

12 January

Now you’ve done it. You’ve gone ahead and identified as an ideamaker, now what? Well, if you’re like the many other would-be movers and shakers who have signed up for round two of the Elevator Project, you’re going to make Guelph a better place to live, work and play! No pressure.

No, really, there’s no pressure. Because we’ve got your back. If you’ve been following this blog, then you know that we’ve learned a lot from round one. It’s tough taking a raw idea all the way through to great project plan. And although there are those among you who possess this superpower, there are some of you with great ideas who are getting your cape caught in the phone booth door on the way to saving the day. Fortunately, this is a superpower that can be learned.

Enter the Elevator Academy.

Walk in with an inkling of what you would like to do for the community, and walk out with an investor-worthy plan for elevating your community. Eight 2-hour Tuesday sessions starting January 13th at 10 Carden (opposite City Hall) will get you to great.

Developing an EP project is a lot like founding a community start-up. So we empanelled a subcommittee of start-up experts from Innovation Guelph, CBaSE at the University of Guelph, and Futurpreneur, and they adapted their expertise to the community-building context. They looked at the feedback we got from last year – where folks said they needed the most support – and created a free skills-building program that will have great value for every ideamaker, from beginner to veteran.

Although all 8 sessions are jam-packed with valuable programming, the first three sessions are most important. Designed to be taken together as a unit, these first three sessions take you step-by-step through the idea-mapping process to a completed application ready to submit! The full series features guest presenters from our panel of start-up experts, including Dr. James Doran, CEO of Innovation Guelph and Michael Peace, Business Development Manager for Futurpreneur, who will bring their in-demand, start-up know-how week four’s session on project planning.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been superheroing for years, or if you’re just now trying on the tights, The Elevator Academy is the best way to beef up your utility belt (Ok, I think I just jumped the shark on the superhero theme).

Did I mention it was free? Yeah, really.

For full details, and to book your spot in the Elevator Academy series, visit our Eventbrite page

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