Stories from the Elevator Project

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Guelph Gives a Shift

01 December

It’s time to break out the credit cards – and maybe the hockey pads. Yes, another Black Friday is behind us and Cyber Monday is upon us, providing a welcome boost for local business and a shot in the arm for the economy. Now these two consumer stampedes have a kinder and gentler little sister. On “Giving Tuesday,” local businesses, charities and community members come together to celebrate the opening of the giving season, supporting those working to make the shift towards a thriving community and a better world. Having brought this global phenomenon to Guelph for the first time last year, Guelph Gives will offer another opportunity to be a part of the shift as they attempt to raise one million dollars in one day Tuesday, December 2nd!

Giving has seen a boom over the last few years. An abundance of research has emerged connecting a company’s community contributions, through giving and employee volunteering, directly to their business success. The great news for local businesses is that local initiatives like, the Elevator project, exist to connect the generosity of companies and individuals to the Guelph movers, shakers, and idea-makers, maximizing everybody’s impact on community well-being.

There are some amazing events planned for this upcoming Giving Tuesday (December 2nd) here in Guelph, which include:

  • The Giving Fair at Old Quebec Street Mall from 10am-6pm
  • Charity Plinko at Stone Road Mall from 10am-2pm, and
  • A free skate the Sleeman arena from 11:30am-1:30pm

Guelph’s Giving Tuesday concludes with a special Guelph Gives edition of the popular ‘Good Working’ series, appropriately named Guelph Gave, which wraps up the day’s festivities from 6:30pm at Red Papaya in the Old Quebec Street Mall. Join us in celebrating the day’s total fundraising – and catch a sneak peak of the revamped and reworked round two of the Elevator project – along with other presentations from local non-profits. The admission fee of $10 adds to the giving! Select from one of the collection of local non-profits and be a part of the shift!