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Hot Tips for your 100 Word Write Up

24 January

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting 30 of our Idea Makers at our Idea Maker Workshops. It was a truly inspiring day being surrounded by people that are so passionate about making Guelph an even better place. And the Ideas! I can’t even tell you how excited I am at all of your ideas. We had over 40 submissions!

I was able to answer lots of questions about The Elevator Project, our process, and what we have been up to, live during the workshops. I thought it would be also helpful if I answered your questions here on our blog in case you missed the answer or weren’t able to join us. The most pressing issue for many Idea Makers is their 100 word write up which is due Wednesday January 29th, so I thought I would focus today’s post on that.

Gabrielle’s 5 Hot Tips for your 100 Word Write-Up

–       Get to the point. If you had to look me in the eye and explain your idea in 30 seconds or less, what would you say? If you picture it like a conversation, you really get to the point quickly.

–       Examine your write up for jargon and buzz words and eliminate them. They get in the way of your message and make it harder for people to remember. Use plain, simple language with lots of concrete nouns. Go back to what you said in your conversation. You probably didn’t use any buzz words!

–       Don’t forget to tell us what you need. Be as specific (“we need a new website”) as you can. Not really sure what you need yet? That’s okay. Say something more broad (“we need some help creating a marketing plan and some funds to buy supplies”). Remember that our Investors will be reading the website and looking for projects to invest in. So tell people how they can help.

–       Your image can be anything you think represents your idea. It could even be your organizational logo if you have one. Please send it in jpeg format and make sure your image is square. If you have the skills to resize your image, please make it 300 x 300 pixels. If you plan to use a stock image, make sure it is royalty free. No stealing images from the internet!

–       Talk to me. If you are having a hard time with your write up, have questions or would like some feedback, please get in touch. I am here to help. You can reach me at [email protected].

Happy writing everyone!

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