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The Face of The Elevator Project

09 March

The Elevator Project is a huge undertaking involving various Idea Makers, investors, and volunteers. How do we get all these separate project members to communicate? Well the question really isn’t ‘how,’ but whom. The face of The Elevator Project for so many people involved is Gabrielle, our Community Animator. Here she talks with the Project’s […]

The Big Show event was a big success!

26 March

On Tuesday March 25th, The Elevator Project hosted its very first Big Show! And it went fantastically! So many people came out in support of all 52 ideas and everyone left with more contacts and investments which they can use to further better their idea and further better the city of Guelph. (more…)

Announcing The Big Show event!

18 March

In a few short days (Tuesday March 25th, to be exact) The Elevator Project will be hosting an exciting event open to everyone in the Guelph region. Located at Guelph’s performing arts venue River Run Centre, the Big Show will showcase 52 great ideas made to better the city of Guelph and the people living within […]