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The Community Vote is Here!

09 March

It’s time to add your voice in selecting which of the awesome project proposals in our idea bank rank among the best. And no, this isn’t American Idol. It’s not a popularity contest. This is about engaging the community with what they find to be most compelling ideas. It’s also about generating some excitement about all of the awesome projects in the Idea Bank (Psst! Especially yours!)

So be sure to circulate the link to your network of peers. They will each get a chance to vote for their top 5 project ideas, and we will tally the results through Survey Monkey. Keep in mind that only one such vote will be allowed per IP address. Scores will be assessed based on vote-rank (5 points for a first place vote, 4 for a second, etc.). Keep an eye out for the results to be revealed in early April. and, of course, don’t forget to vote yourself!

 Happy voting!