Stories from the Elevator Project

Check out the work thus far. We've been matching community ideas with community investment. Have an idea that will make Guelph Great? Want to make a difference in your community, but don't know where to start? Contact us!

Time to Give?

17 December

Is your Giving Tuesday afterglow beginning to fade? After getting suitably intoxicated on the good vibes of Guelph’s historic philanthropic escapade, you’re probably looking for a fresh way to keep your generous spirit lifted. Have no fear! The Elevator Project has some wonderful opportunities for you to stay in the community-building groove. We’re looking to rally a crew of volunteers who are enthusiastic about making a difference in Guelph.

The Elevator Project is about connecting Guelph’s awesome idea-makers with awesome investors to create awesome projects that make Guelph even more, well, AWESOME!!! (That’s a lot of awesome). We need some folks to reach out into their networks and recruit and inspire community innovators to share their fantastic ideas with us – our Idea Hunters Council. We also need a crew of folks to help guide those community innovators through the process of getting their ideas ready for submission – our Elevator Project Navigators. Read the full job descriptions here.

Join the team!

  • Meet great people who also want to make a difference!
  • Rub shoulders with the movers and shakers in Guelph!
  • Learn first-hand about all the amazing projects that are going on in your city!
  • And most importantly, make a difference!

The Elevator Project needs you! Act now!

Volunteer training is on Wednesday, January 7th from 7pm – 8pm at 10 Carden. RSVP to Gabrielle at [email protected] today!