Stories from the Elevator Project

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What Coming Up in April?

20 April

We’re kicking into high gear as the Elevator Academy winds down and the countdown towards the Big Show continues. The community vote is in, the community panel has scored the projects, and Gabrielle is busy rounding up investors to enable this year’s Idea Makers to put their projects into action!

With all the goings-on, it has been a while since the last blog post, so let’s catch you up with what all that activity means for ideamakers, investors and the community.

Community Vote

We invited the Guelph community at large to visit our idea bank, vote for their favourite projects and rank them in order of their preference. A first-place vote gave the project 5 points, a second-place vote gave the project 4 points, a third-place vote gave the project 3 points, and so on. Each project’s total score is recorded at the bottom of their respective idea bank pages under “Community Vote Score.”

Community Panel

A nine-member panel was nominated from the community and charged with using our “Great Standard” rubric to score the projects and categorize their state of readiness: 0-15 for Planning phase, 16-24 for Development, and 25-30 for Deployment.

What do the scores mean?

Both the community vote and panel scores give us at the Elevator Project a better idea of both where community priorities lie and how the projects are progressing according to our rubric of “Great.” This is huge for us in our live-prototyping process. It gives us a sense of how the innovations we develop, like the Elevator Academy and mingle events, are helping to enable Guelph’s Idea Makers make Guelph great in ways that the community at large values. These scores allow us not only to track the progress of the projects, but also the ability of the Elevator Project itself to foster community-benefit projects.

As well, the scores enable investors to see what projects are valued by the community and what specific kinds of investment would benefit them most.

What Now?

The Elevator Project is as much about process as it is about outcomes. Every step a project takes towards fulfillment – including the skills and contacts developed by the Idea Makers in the process – is a win for us. And the winning continues with THE BIG SHOW!!!

Join us May 28th to celebrate making Guelph great. Meet this year’s Idea Makers and find out more about their amazing projects. It’s a chance to become an investor in creating community benefit! What does it take to become an investor? Whether you are contributing your time and expertise, or your energy and resources, you are an investor. Simply showing up to the Big Show is an investment in community benefit! So come out and support your favourite ideas and projects, while meeting and networking with innovators across every sector You never know, you just might make that key connection to help you realize your own great ideas.