What is the Elevator Project?

The aim of The Elevator Project is to unite people with fantastic ideas to improve the quality of life in Guelph with the resources such as funding, materials, advice and expertise that will bring these ideas to life.

Think of us as matchmakers for community good. On one side we empower people (we call them Idea Makers) to make positive change happen in our community by supporting them through building their idea into a full project plan, finding others in the community to collaborate with and then publicly launching their project.

On the other side we work with people who want to contribute to great community benefit projects (we call them Investors), introducing them to projects that could use their help. At The Elevator Project, it isn’t all about money. Time, skills, advice and materials in addition to money are valuable resources. We believe everyone has something to give and that there is no end to what we can achieve for our community if we all chipped in.

Anyone can be either an Idea Maker or an Investor! Contact us today to get started!