Eligibility Criteria

For Round Four:


In order to apply to the Elevator Project, applicants must meet ALL of the following eligibility requirements:

1) Both the organization/applicant and the investment sought must benefit Guelph residents.

2) The organization is in good standing with the Elevator Project and, if applicable, its own governing bodies.

3) A full and complete project proposal must be received by the stated deadline.

4) Proposed project must be for community benefit. An organization or project qualifies as community benefit when its primary, declared outcome measurably has a positive impact on the community. You will be asked to describe your community impact in your idea proposal form. Some examples of positive community impact include:

– Contribute to Guelph’s arts/culture/heritage

– Improve the public realm and/or environment

– Increase participation and integration of community members

– Educate and/or engage in an inclusive manner

* Please note that some investors will choose projects to contribute to based on their corporate structure. For example, some investors will only contribute to non-profit or charitable groups. While for-profit organizations are welcome to apply, the investor pool for these projects may be limited in Round Four.



The Elevator Project will not support the following:

1) Individuals. You must have a team. A team is defined as three or more people helping with the project.

2) Organizations that have a current signed agreement with The Elevator Project that states that they are not eligible for other Elevator Project support sources.

3) Other levels of government.

4) Political organizations.

5) Organizations whose activities that breach the Ontario Human Rights Code and Charter of Rights.

6) Projects that have received funding from the City of Guelph’s Wellbeing grant stream for the same activity in the same calendar year are not eligible for a cash award from The Elevator Project’s Community Panel, but still may receive other awards and support. For example, if you achieved funding from the Wellbeing grant stream for 2017, you are ineligible to receive a cash contribution from The Elevator Project’s Community Panel for the same activity in 2017. You can still apply and receive expertise, materials and support from other investors or apply for a different activity.



Successful support recipients (Supportees) will be subject to terms and conditions relating to the support. All applicants will be expected to acknowledge their agreement to be bound by the following terms and conditions at the time off application.

1) Confirmation by the Supportee that the information contained in the Application and supporting documentation is true and correct in every respect.

2) During the decision making process, each potential Supportee must perform a peer-review of the projects and nominate 3 other projects for awards, based on their interactions at the Hall of Ideas event. Failure to perform this peer-review may invalidate the active application by the Supportee.

3) Confirmation that the Support shall be used by the Supportee only for the activities set out in their original Application

4) The Supportee shall immediately notify the Elevator Project, if the supports cannot be used for the approved activities, or if all or part of the support have not been used after completion of the activities. The Elevator Project may, at its sole discretion, permit the Supportee to use the remaining support for a different, related purpose, or may require their immediate return.

5) The Supportee shall comply with all laws, regulations, by-laws and other directives or orders in the course of spending the Support

6) The Supportee shall indemnify and hold harmless the Elevator Project against any claims, costs, causes of action, fines, or any other losses or other penalties the Elevator Project suffers relating to the giving of the Support to the Supportee.

7) The Supportee shall notify the Elevator Project immediately, in writing, of its impending or actual bankruptcy, insolvency, appointment of receiver, dissolution, cessation of carrying on business or bulk sale of assets.

8) The Supportee shall acknowledge the financial support of the Elevator Project in all public material related to the Services and the Support. Supportee acknowledges that it is not permitted to use The Elevator Project’s name in connection with any attempt to secure financing for the Supportee’s project or other fundraising, or in connection with any other document or publication or its marketing or promotional activities without the prior written consent of The Elevator Project, except that the Supportee may identify itself as a Supportee of The Elevator Project.

9) The Supportee shall immediately notify the Elevator Project, in writing, if any of the information provided by the supportee to the Elevator Project is determined to be inaccurate in any material respect, or if there has been any material adverse change in any of the information provided.

10) Successful applicants who receive funding and/or other supports from the Elevator Project must report on how the funding was spent and the impact the funding achieved. The deadline for reporting in Round Four will be October 2017.

11) The Supportee consents to the Elevator Project using information regarding the details of the support awarded, including the name of the Supportee, the activities carried out and the community impact of the activities in reports and on the Elevator Project’s website and other relevant media, provided that the Elevator Project shall not release any information, including financial information and personal information of members or Board members, which is confidential.

12) The Supportee consents to the Elevator Project distributing information regarding the proposed project including financial information, personal information of members or Board members only to members of the Community Panel for purposes of project evaluation and to potential investors for the purposes of gathering support for the proposed project. This information will be shared only upon request of the Investor. Community Panel members are bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

13) The Supportee will participate in a short survey to help evaluate the success and impact of The Elevator Project programme. Support will not be released until this step has been completed.