South End Neighbourhood Group

I have already submitted my project South End Neighbourhood Group, but I was not able to include a logo for my project. As Gabrielle suggested, I upload the logo in this fresh form, insert N/A in other fields and submit. The purpose of this submission is only to provide you with the logo of my South End Neighbourhood Group project, which I was not able to upload when I submitted the project.

Please note that in the Bonus field of the previous submission, I mentioned that I uploaded the document Budget 2015 instead of Logo. Although I intended to do so, Elevator Project website did not support the uploading of the document Budget 2015 in Excel format. Therefore, in my previous submission, I included the image of the document Budget 2015 in the GNSC Funding Application, which I uploaded as for Bonus question. I did that because the website accepted only one document. I am sorry that I did not mention about this change in my previous submission. I hope this information will avoid any confusions. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

If you are interested in volunteering or funding, you can also contact this Project directly.

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