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  • 2008-bw-ed-video-logo

    The Next 40 years

    "The Next Forty Years" is a celebration of future technology, new directions in media art, and Ed Video’s potential. While our past provides the ground work for our experience, the changes in media and technology have dramatically impacted our entire culture over the last four decades. Where will the next 40 years take us? This is the question Ed Video will ask across a weekend symposium in celebration of our 40th anniversary. Including debates, panel discussions, presentations and exhibitions by artists, social events and networking opportunities, we plan to feature a cross-section of ways to work with media art.

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  • minga_logo_green

    ReSkilling Our Community

    Minga Skill Building Hub is a hands-on reskilling school that aims to empower participants to live more self-sufficiently. We teach workshops like butchery, fermenting, baking bread, wild foraging, cobb oven building, and natural cosmetics. Both the instructors and the students alike are members of the community. By having more people in our community skilled in the various crafts of daily living, we make our community more robust.

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  • Crowd of people connected together

    Interactive Community Services Map

    This is a very timely project! Guelph and Wellington County are getting set to welcome approximately 75 refugee families (about 400 individuals). The Interactive Community Services Map will make their integration and settlement process much smoother and easier. It will also be an up-to-date online resource that will benefit all immigrants, service providers and other community organizations, neighbourhoods, and the general public. This project is a highly collaborative effort that will build links between many community partners in Guelph and Wellington County.

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  • TheSeed-tagline_long-padding

    The Seed POD – Fresh Food Distribution Hub

    Through a collaborative and partnership-based model, The Seed POD will increase access to fresh, high quality, fruits and vegetables among food insecure individuals and families in Guelph. Produce will be acquired through wholesale purchasing, large scale donations, and gleaning of farmers’ fields. Produce will be distributed to the community through our 6 partner community food organizations. The support from the Elevator Project will help make this project happen. This program is an innovative, yet straight forward solution that will allow us to better meet the basic needs of our community members.

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  • Parkinsons-workshop-4-Photo-by-Katsuyoshi-Tanaka-copy-3

    Park’n Dance

    “When I’m in dance class, I don’t feel like I have Parkinson’s.” Professionally trained teachers guide participants through enjoyable dance classes accompanied by live music, incorporating a variety of styles that promote body awareness in a supportive atmosphere. This program for people with Parkinson’s encourages self-expression, enhances plasticity of the brain that helps with memory, and provides opportunity for improving range of motion, balance, strength and coordination. It promotes enjoyment and social interaction that fosters creativity and boosts confidence. Participants are encouraged to think and problem-solve like dancers, not as patients. A welcoming community is created through dance and music.

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  • SENG-Logo-Temp

    South End Neighbourhood Group

    The south end of Guelph is very rich with people from diverse cultures and ethnicity. They do not have a space to come together. This project will create a space for them to gather in one place, celebrate and showcase their cultures, meet people from other cultures and ethnicity, network with people, exchange ideas and knowledge, learn new skills from other people, engage in collaborative projects with like minded people, engage in physical activities, identify their community needs and take leadership in addressing their needs.

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  • Backyard-Bounty-harvest

    Backyard Bounty Food Bank Project

    Fresh food for all! Recognizing that not everyone in Guelph has access to fresh, organic food, we have created a unique urban agriculture program to increase community awareness about sustainable urban gardening while providing nutritious, locally-grown vegetables to low-income community members in need with our partner, the Guelph Food Bank. We want to improve accessibility to nutritious, whole food while creating opportunities for the community to get "up close and personal" with the process of food growth! Our organic farmers will grow food for 30-50 people in need each season on donated land, delivering freshly harvested, organic vegetables to the Food Bank every week. We require funding assistance to support the project and our dedicated farmers. For more information visit:

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  • Shokran Canada logo2

    Shokran Canada

    We are producing ‘How To’ videos for Syrian refugees on navigating Canadian life that will be available on our website and social media. Currently, there are no resources like this available in Arabic. These videos will feature one of our team members Walaa, a former refugee from Syria. His experience with the settlement process provides invaluable insight and the success of our first two videos shows that this is a needed resource. We need help developing a website and better quality filming equipment. Shokran Canada believes that Syrian refugees should feel informed and ready to start their life in Guelph.

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  • GNSC-logo

    Creating Communities of Difference

    This will be a one day community-lead conference dealing with the concepts of inclusion, diversity, anti-oppression and equity. This will be a hands-on, actions-based conference that will focus on creating realistic and tangible actions and outcomes for individuals and organizations to implement into their lives and workplaces. The day will be based in the ideas that: - These conversations can be challenging and uncomfortable but are necessary and the path towards knowledge and change - Honouring and making space for multiple and various ways of knowing and doing are essential. - All voices are supported and everyone is welcome.

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  • Safety pic

    Guelph Young Worker’s Safety Initiative

    Unemployment in Ontario is twice as high for workers under the age of 24. When young workers don’t know their rights, they are less likely to speak-up or refuse potentially unsafe work and might even be exploited by negligent employers. The Career Education Council is dedicated to providing youth with meaningful opportunities for career exploration and development. We are also dedicated to contributing to keeping young workers safe through knowledge about their rights within Ontario Labour law. We want to deliver our interactive workshops to young workers with the goal of keeping them safe while they gain meaningful work experience.

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  • IMG_0127-Small

    CFRU Mobile Studio

    CFRU’s Mobile Studio breaks down barriers that hinder individuals from getting to the CFRU studios at the university. Partnered with the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition, the Mobile Studio helps individuals all over Guelph to create radio, giving a platform to voices that might otherwise not be heard. CFRU is looking for funding to extend the hours of our Mobile Studio Coordinator, as well as funds/materials to help create mini radio studios so that neighbourhoods can continue to create radio on their own. The Mobile Studio is our way of creating a living document of the diversity present within our community.

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  • Thats-My-Business-Logo

    That’s My Business

    That’s My Business aims to create high quality videos featuring local entrepreneurs. Think Vice meets Tuned In with Lucy Zillio. We have found that many small businesses do not have the budget for advertising and marketing. That’s My Business shoots at no cost to the business where the story is then featured in a Guelph online news publication. We are looking for larger businesses that can afford the ad space to sponsor this potential spot in an online news source. We hope that sharing the stories of our city’s entrepreneurs fosters greater community support and clientele growth.

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  • Golden-Bus-in-a-field2

    The Golden Bus

    The Golden Bus is a mobile collaborative arts space built out of an ex-transit bus. We can be a recording studio, small concert venue, and/or host zine fairs, small-scale publication and album manufacturing, film screenings, traveling thrift store, and so many other amazing things!  Portable and affordable, we will work with Guelph artists and organizations to co-present awesome events...anywhere!  Already we have partnered with the Guelph Film Festival (2015) and Kazoo Fest. We are looking for solar panels to power the bus and help developing a website.

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  • 12094953_1022304501153919_6004034515767068739_o

    Food Survival Squad

    We are Food Waste Experts. Through our programs/services and products, our mission is to help individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions maximize food, minimize waste, and become more culinarily aware.

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  • Golden-Bus-in-a-field

    The Golden Bus DIY Album Factory

    The Golden Bus DIY Album Factory: A mobile recording studio/album manufacturing facility will be installed in a converted ex-transit bus, and will be brought to a local high school. Participating youth will record music and be coached through the process of taking a band from its creation through all the first steps of producing, manufacturing and promoting an album. The goal is to tear down preconceptions about how hard it is to form a band, get shows and make records. This project will provide outreach and support to youth artists, demonstrating what they can create in small alternative spaces with small budgets. We are looking for $7000-$8500 to cover project coordination and materials.

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The Elevator Project

The aim of The Elevator Project is to unite people who have fantastic ideas to improve the quality of life in Guelph with
resources such as funding, materials, advice and expertise that will bring these ideas to life.