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Guelph Gave Giving Tuesday Its Best

09 December

It pays to dream big. That’s exactly what the folks at Guelph Gives did one week ago when they set their sights on generating one million dollars in one day. In the second year of this global campaign to kick off the giving season, Guelph Gives showcased a bevy of sponsors, partners and special events all targeted at one goal: putting Guelph’s generous spirit on display. And Guelph did not disappoint, raising $1,203,064.90, surpassing the lofty million-dollar target. From servers at Borealis donating half of their tips for the day to Intrigue Media – who not only acted as a media sponsor, but also collected non-perishable food items for the Guelph Food Bank – Individuals and organizations alike showed that anyone can make a difference, that there are many different ways to contribute, and that everyone has something to give. For a great run down of the day check out Rob O’Flanagan’s article in the Guelph Mercury.


Although consumer-driven juggernauts Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide an economic boost, Giving Tuesday highlights that business is about far more than making a buck – it’s about giving back to the community. The many local businesses who gave of their time, energy and money to make the day a success aren’t just displaying Guelph’s generous spirit, they are demonstrating serious business savvy. According to the latest 2014 Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) Giving In Numbers report, most companies that increased their giving by 10% or more since 2010 also saw a median profit increase of 11%, all other companies saw a median drop of 3% over the same time period. One reason for this is that companies are aligning their giving practices with their business priorities to maximize their impact on both their communities and their bottom line. Bear in mind that these numbers are from our neighbours to the south, but the message is clear: giving is good business.


At the Elevator Project, we are helping to craft opportunities for investors to make their best community contribution. Not only are we tapping into Guelph’s wealth of idea-makers, while supporting and amplifying their skills and talents through our free workshop series, the Elevator Academy, but we are also inviting every investor to contribute their expertise to help generate the best possible projects. Helping investors find ways to meet their giving priorities is as important to us as empowering local community members to realize their dreams for Guelph’s future. The Elevator Project is the bridge that brings us all together in making substantial impacts for our community’s well-being.


As a result of our participation in Giving Tuesday, the Elevator Project welcomes another addition to our investor team. Hunch Manifest will be contributing online presence reports to a lucky 10 organizations! Inspired? You may have missed out on Guelph Gives, but the good news is that it is never too late to give.