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Round Four of The Elevator Project Is Here!

20 January

Are you a fearless Idea Maker of Guelph? We want to support you in turning your brilliant idea into a reality! Come to The Elevator Project’s Round Four Launch Party on Wednesday, February 15 from 6:30-8pm at 10 Carden (Community Room) and learn about this year’s application process, as well as our new Idea Labs, designed […]

The Face of The Elevator Project

09 March

The Elevator Project is a huge undertaking involving various Idea Makers, investors, and volunteers. How do we get all these separate project members to communicate? Well the question really isn’t ‘how,’ but whom. The face of The Elevator Project for so many people involved is Gabrielle, our Community Animator. Here she talks with the Project’s […]

Idea Maker Mingle Dec 8th!

03 December

Sometimes being a creative can get a little isolating. All that time in the lab, studio, or sanctum turning the vapours of your burning imagination into magical elixirs of inspiration can come at the cost of, y’know, an actual life. here’s your chance to not only emerge from the creative grind, but to socialize with […]

The Big Show: It’s Time to Celebrate Community Change-making!

20 May

Yes, folks, it’s time. Our wonderful ideamakers have put so much work into creating proposals that will make Guelph great, and now we showcase their amazing projects revealing which have already attracted investment. It’s also your opportunity, as a community-benefit-project enthusiast, to invest in the awesome! Just by showing up to celebrate community change-making with […]

Identify as an Idea Maker!

21 January

In Round Two of the Elevator Project we want to get to know you better. We received such rich feedback from last year’s community of imagineers, and we want to use that knowledge to improve how we all work together to bring your ideas to life. So identify as an Idea Maker! We want to […]

We’ve Got Your Back!

13 January

Change-making is hard work. You have an idea, you’ve heard about The Elevator Project but you aren’t sure if your idea “fits”. That’s okay! Thanks to our crew of amazing volunteers, there is now more help than ever to get your project off the ground. Introducing Drop-Ins, our new program to get you all the […]